New Boyfriend is up!

I am such a sucker.

I mean, really, I am exactly the kind of person these sorts of promotions were made for. EXACTLY. These kinds of promotions are made for suckers, and I have the word “SUCKER” tattooed right on my forehead, so it was clearly meant to be. Don’t believe me? Check out this photo. See? Would I lie to you guys?

You know how a couple of months ago, I canceled my cable subscription and subscribed to Dish Network instead? Those of you who are members of the BotW Yahoo group (see above) were starting to get irked, because I essentially quit watching movies altogether for the first few months I had Dish — I was having waaaaay too much fun DVR’ing all kinds of stuff at all kinds of hours and watching it instead. I kept sending you the email letting you know the new Boyfriend was up, with a note that said, “Um, no movie reviews THIS time either. Sorry!” If it’s any consolation, by the way, every time I wrote that sentence to you guys, I was picturing myself standing on a soap box in front of an angry crowd who then booed and began pelting me with tomatoes. I felt your pain, seriously.

But you see, it wasn’t just reruns of Magnum PI and Murder She Wrote that were getting me in trouble (though, them too). You see, as part of their Promotion for Suckers (TM), Dish Network gave us three months of HBO for free on top of all the rest of it. And not only did I time it so perfectly that the last season of The Sopranos started up the very next week, but I also quickly discovered HBO shows a lot of stuff I actually wanted to see. Older movies (most of which I’d already seen but was happy to watch again), documentaries, stuff like that.

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2 Responses to “New Boyfriend is up!”

  1. paperback writer Says:

    It’s about time you had a blog, Meg.


  2. megwood Says:

    Oooh, comments are going to be fun, I can tell already. 🙂

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