Coming to a TV set near you. . . Mr. Bruce Campbell!

This Thursday night, a new series is coming to the USA Network. It’s called Burn Notice and stars Jeffrey Donovan as a spy fired by the CIA who tries to score some contract crime-solving cases while also attempting to figure out who backstabbed him in the government. Entertainment Weekly gave it a solid B and said it looked like light-hearted fun, but what really caught my eye were the names of two supporting actors. First, Sharon Gless, forever known to me as Detective Christine Cagney from that great old 80’s series Cagney & Lacey, but more importantly, a name I never expected to see showing up on the cast of a TV show: Mr. Bruce Campbell!

This is me, dying and going to Heaven.

In other great Boyfriend-related news, I heard a rumor that Brandon Routh is getting back into shape in preparation for a Superman sequel (tentatively titled, Superman: Man of Steel). No verification on this from either Warner Bros. or director Bryan Singer, but I’m allowing myself to feel some hope in any case. The rumor I heard said Routh expects to start filming early next year. All together now: Woot!

3 Responses to “Coming to a TV set near you. . . Mr. Bruce Campbell!”

  1. megwood Says:

    Just to let you all know, I watched the pilot of “Burn Notice” and LOVED it. If you missed it, check your TV guide as USA frequently replays its shows numerous times. But you can just jump in next week too as you’ve got the plot overview and that’s all you’ll really need to know to follow what happens in the next episode. Man, Bruce Campbell is really fun in it too, playing a booze-loving, ex-spy who now spends his time letting rich divorcees give him money and solving the occasional crime for cash. It’s got some of the same problems all USA crime shows seem to have, which is a tendency to rely on unrealistic convenience to keep a story going. But it’s also got the usual sarcasm and goofiness that makes shows like “Monk” and “Psych” so much fun. Definitely a great addition to the goofy crime genre at USA Network. Wish they would’ve picked up last years series “Andy Barker, PI,” as it would’ve fit in nicely with the rest of their shows as well!

  2. kc Says:

    OK…is this SO Miami Vice meets MacGyver? I’m LOVIN’ IT! Sooooo Cheezy! And I’m betting you loved the Cagney/Lacey reference in last week’s episode?!?!?!? But, I’m a bit irritated that Fiona suddenly isn’t sporting her “Irish” broque anymore. Yeeeeeah! Riiiiiiight! I didn’t think she’d be able to keep it up. As pretty as she is…she’s 100% American born. Nice try though!

  3. megwood Says:

    Ha, yeah, her Irish accent was pretty bad. But guess what — she’s actually born and raised in London, so her “American” accent is fake as well! I’m wondering if we’ll get a new accent from her every week — or at least periodically. That would be a great gimmick.

    Best show of the summer! I can’t wait for the next episode! 🙂

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