Howdy, Y’all!

Hi, everybody!  I’ve been thinking for a while about possibly turning the Boyfriend of the Week site into a blog, and this here’s step number one:  see if I actually really WILL do more with a blog than I’ve been doing with the old site.  My plan for this blog right now will just be to post Boyfriend-related news (new stuff old Boyfriends are going to be in, things I’ve read in the news about old Boyfriends, future Boyfriends I’ve got my eye on, stuff like that), but eventually, I may also start posting movie/TV reviews, or just rambling on about my day.

I’ll try not to be too boring.  You can let me know how I do with that.  Feel free to leave comments whenever you feel so moved, and let me know if there are any Boyfriends, books, or movies I’ve missed that you think I might enjoy!

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